Whether you want to arrive in style or experience the exquisite Swiss Rail system, our travel services use the best providers to get you to your destination in ease and comfort.

Private Air Charter

For the ultimate in luxury and convenience, we can organise a private jet. We have access to more than 50,000 aircraft worldwide and can ensure every trip is tailored to you and your friends or family.


Other airports are available, we can advise you of the best option and your transfer times. Please enquire for more information.

Helicopter Transfers

Zermatt has its own helipad allowing you to save time getting you from plane to piste. Flying from Zurich, Geneva, Sion or one of the smaller airfields of your choice. You can arrive in Zermatt speedily, safely and in comfort and style whilst enjoying the incredible mountain scenery.

Sion - Zermatt 15 minutes
Geneva - Zermatt 45 minutes
Zurich - Zermatt 1 hour

Other routes are available, please enquire for more information.

Limousine & Taxi Travel

A private transfer is a fast and convenient way to get to Zermatt. We can organise a private taxi or limousine that will take you directly into the village. Taxis have special permission to enter the resort so it is a hassle-free way of getting to your destination smoothly and in comfort. With our great transport connections, we can find a solution that suits you.

Sion - Zermatt 1.5 hours
Geneva - Zermatt 2.5 hours
Zurich - Zermatt 4 hours
Milan - Zermatt 3 hours

We have an outstanding fleet of vehicles for all group sizes and budgets, from the Mercedes S-Class to the Mercedes Sprinter.

Arrival By Train

The Swiss rail system brings you directly into the heart of Zermatt. Hop on one of the best-run railways in the world, travel past exquisite vistas, scenic lakes and breathtaking views.  With connections throughout the whole of Switzerland the Swiss rail system is fast, efficient and reliable.

Sion - Zermatt 2 hours
Geneva - Zermatt 4 hours
Milan - Zermatt 4 hours 40 minutes
Zurich - Zermatt 4 hours

By Car

Zermatt is a car-free resort so if you are planning to arrive in Zermatt by car, a little extra planning is required so we are on hand to help. We can reserve you a parking space in Tasch where you will leave your car for the duration of your holiday. Shuttle trains from Tasch to Zermatt leave every 20 minutes providing a stunning 12-minute journey into Zermatt. Alternatively, we can arrange a taxi services from your car park in Tasch to your accommodation in Zermatt.

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