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Tuscany is a unique part of Italy where rolling green hills, olive groves and vineyards bask in the long summers and life runs at a relaxed pace. It’s a destination that people return to again and again because there is so much to explore and discover; from its incredible culinary and wine-tasting experiences to its majestic cities, housing many of the world’s greatest treasures.

It’s not difficult to understand why Tuscany has captured the hearts of so many writers and artists. Its cities provide cultural experiences at every turn. At its heart, sits Florence with its huge range of museums, churches and galleries and there is a unique experience to be found in each of its cities; from the famous leaning tower of Pisa, to the spectacular Duomo in Orvieto and the biggest piazza in Italy in Sienna. Even the hilltop villages are seeped in history and culture with ornate fountains on every corner and intricate frescos in even the most rural of churches.

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Despite so much to see and do, Tuscany draws every visitor into its relaxed way of life where the long summer days are centred around the region’s proudest offerings; food and wine. It’s a region celebrated for its simple cuisine that showcases fresh, simple ingredients and for its world-renowned wines. Every day offers a new culinary experience, from an espresso and delicate pastry in one of the many renowned piazzas to long Chianti-fuelled lunches overlooking the vineyards, to wine-paired gourmet experiences in one of the region’s many Michelin-stared restaurants (the region has an incredible 34 to choose from).

When you are not eating, drinking or soaking up the cultural experiences, the picturesque countryside provides the perfect place for relaxed bike rides past olive groves, boat trips along the coast, walks in the rolling hills or just a relaxed day by the pool in one of the many exquisitely-designed villas, farmhouses and castles.

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